Politics, Religion, Science/Technology – Italian Renaissance

Politics –

The Medici Family of Florence was one of the most influential political forces behind the Italian Renaissance.   This is important information is required. you should read carefully.   Hopefully you can watch a portion of the videos too.

  • General Information
  • Bankers for God
  • Godfathers of the Renaissance – Watch this optional video dramatization on YouTube or Vimeo. Highly recommended. YouTube links aren’t reliable, so do a search to find this illuminating series. Very helpful if you choose the Medici’s for your topic.
    Giovanni di Bicci de MediciArtist Cristofana dell'Altissimo, circa 1500, Florence

    Giovanni di Bicci de Medici
    Artist Cristofana dell’Altissimo, circa 1500, Florence



Reinvention of Rome  

The Reinvention of Rome – An important article about the relationship of the Catholic Church, Medici Family, power, rivalry and artists and composers.  required

  • The return of the Pope to Rome
  • The Golden Age – Julius II to Leo X
  • Money for artists
  • Mining the past

The Dark Side of Art and Religion  –

Explore how the arts and religion were in conflict during the Italian Renaissance in this must read article.

Savonarola & Bonfire of the Vanities     –  required

Science & Technology

Skim these articles to get a sense of the influence of science, math and technology as related to the arts.