Humanism During the Renaissance

Characteristics of Humanism:

Characteristics of Humanism Transcript (PDF)

  • A philosophical belief
  • A study of Greek philosophers, sciences and arts.
  • Celebration of human achievement
  • Emphasis on human reason, spirit, and physical beauty
  • The Medicis and The Platonic Academy of Philosophy in Florence
  • Section of "Madonna of the Meadow" Raphael, 1505, Florence, Italy

    Section of “Madonna of the Meadow” Raphael, 1505, Florence, Italy Click for more info

Humanism and Art in the Italian Renaissancerequired


Petrarch – the Father of Humanism

Petrarch - portrait by Altichiero, Italian, circa 1370-1380

Petrarch – portrait by Altichiero, Italian, circa 1370-1380

Petrarch Transcript (PDF)

  • Latin scholar and poet
  • Studied Latin poets — Virgil and Cicero
  • High moral tone
  • Wrote sonnets — love for Laura
  • Extended metaphors
  • Widely imitated

Other Writers Who Defined Humanism

Marsilo Ficino Theologia Platonica

Marsilo Ficino Transcript(PDF)

Click on the Theologia Platonica link and then click on the “preview the book” link to get a little taste of what Ficino wrote.

  • Head of the Platonic Academy in Florence
  • His writings shaped Neo-Platonism and Humanism during the Renaissance


Pico della MirandolaOration on the Dignity of Man

Pico della Mirandola Transcript(PDF)