Visual Arts During the Baroque Era

What is Baroque Art?– Required

Note – The above video talks about Rococo art, we will cover that in the Classical era.

Growing Demand for Visual Arts

Growing Demand Baroque Transcript (PDF)

  • Catholic Church and Counter Reformation Efforts
  • More sovereign rulers acquiring arts
  • Aristocrats patronized the arts
  • Growing merchant class patronized the arts  This link is optional, but highly recommended if you want to write about the rise of the merchant class.

The Theatricality of the Arts — Theatrical Tenebrism  optional

Theatricality Transcript (PDF)

  • Extreme contrasts of light and dark
  • Focus on dramatic subject matter
  • Virtuosity
  • Meticulously crafted realism
  • Still Lifes – see link below

Expansion of Artistic Subject Matter

Subject Matter Transcript (PDF)

Browse the links below…….

Italian and Spanish artists

Optional links to use as starting points for research for your blog.

Do a search on YouTube for “Power of Art – Carravagio” and “Power of Art – Bernini” The links keep shifting, so they are no longer embedded in the course, but they are very entertaining and educational.  Nicely dramatized. Good optional learning, particularly if you want to utilize one of these artists in your blog.  

Dutch Artists  –  Browse this article

Optional links to use as starting points for research for your blog.

Another optional video from the series on Rembrandt. This includes a great exploration of what Amsterdam would have been like during Rembrandt’s life.  Do a search on YouTube for “Power of Art – Rembrandt” The video links keep shifting on these video’s so I can’t keep the links updated. You’ll really enjoy this video.

French Artists

Optional links to start your research for your blog.  

George La Tour

Claude Lorrain

Artists in Flanders

Peter Paul Rubens

Mexican Baroque Art

Required Video   4 minutes musical  accompaniment, no voicePuebla, Mexico  – Read the notes on this video to see what you are viewing. There are some amazing shots of Baroque architecture in Mexico.

More Mexican Baroque Art – optional

Illusion Ceilings

Overview – Required – browse this article, feast your eyes!

When you look at this, you need to realize that there is not dome on this building.

full sized

Ceiling Detail – optional