Introduction to Romantic

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The Growth and Expansion of…..Everything!

JMW Turner – “Rain, Steam and Speed” 1844

Everything Transcript (PDF)

  • Sciences
  • Urbanization and industrialization
  • Shifts in Government
  • Continued exploration of the globe
  • Transportation
  • Communication
  • Colonization

Expansion of Style

Styles Transcript (PDF)

  • More styles in the arts evolving at a rapid pace
    • Romantic
    • Realist
    • Naturalist
    • Nationalist
    • Impressionist and Post Impressionist

The More We Know — The More We Don’t Know

J.C Dahl “Outbreak of the Vesuvius” 1826

  • Not “Love” Romance
  • Man’s Relationship to the Unknown
  • Fascination with the Unexplained
  • Mystery
  • The Attraction of the Exotic


Ralph Waldo Emerson 1857

Philosophy Transcript (PDF)