Objectives: Romantic

Understand the forces behind the Romantic era

  • Wars – American, European and African
  • Architectural Innovations
  • Huge advancements in transportation
  • How imagination overtook scientific reasoning
  • Abolition of slavery

Identify the numerous styles that evolved during this era

  • Romantic
  • Realist
  • Pre-Raphaelite
  • Hudson River School
  • Impressionism
  • Post-Impressionism
  • Art Nouveau
  • Photography

Investigate your Preferences

Investigate,  analyze and discuss your preferences for a genre that evolved during this era. Examine how your understanding of the intent of the artist influences your aesthetic choices.


Complete by the prescribed deadline:

  • Reading, listening and viewing content for the Romantic era
  • Romantic Assessment
  • Romantic Era Blog Post
  • Romantic Blog Comments