The Elements – An Introduction

In the link given below, you will find a guide with examples of the elements of art. The assessment will be based on the information in this link. Make sure you cover all 7 elements: Line, Shape, Tone (value), Color, Pattern, Texture and Form.

The Art Factory – The Visual Elements

You will be using the elements of art throughout this course and may need to come back to this portion of the course on a frequent basis. If you need more ideas of how the elements of art are utilized, try some of these additional resources:

Elements Cheat Sheet – A handy PDF you can print.

Visual Learner’s Cheat Sheet – More color, more examples, but still concise.

Flye School – Elements of Art/ Principles of Design and Organization – Another really good, in-depth site.

Slide Presentation – This was done by a professional group.



Artists and art educators don’t all agree!!!! Art is subjective, so it is no wonder that art education is subjective too. Some of the links above offer some different interpretations of the art elements, and that is okay.



Video Links:


KQED did a beautiful series of short videos of the art elements. These might be really helpful. If you have slow internet, look at the FAQ section. You might be able to dial back the speed and watch these even with slow internet.

Line     –     Shape     –     Color     –     Form     –     Texture     –      Value     –      Space