Course Orientation

Getting Familiar with the Mechanics of this eCampus Course

The Promise and Pitfalls of Distance Education (1:32)

The Promise and Pitfalls of Distance Education Transcript (PDF)

Kinder to the environment
No parking hassles
Freedom to go to class at individualized times
Ability to finish the course faster than normal
Individualized interaction with the instructor


Pitfalls Transcript (PDF)

Lack of face to face interaction
More freedom to fall seriously behind
Less community support

What to Expect in This Course
This course provides students guided experiences in analysis and appreciation of art. Students will be guided to important information that forms the basis of cultural literacy.

Cultural Literacy

Cultural Literacy Transcript (PDF)

Knowing important names, icons, events that help form a cultural reference

Basis for Comparison

What You Will be Doing
Utilizing Internet Resources

Utlizing Internet Resources Transcript (PDF)

Too much information!
Use the assignments to narrow your focus
Use the resources to explore where your interests take you

Three Types of Assignments

Online Assessment

  • Another way to get the important factual information in order
  • True/False
  • Fill in the blank
  • Multiple choice
  • Find these assignments on Blackboard


  • Sharing your views and opinions on specific works of art as well as required connections to society.
  • For students in this course
  • For the general public



Additionally – you will be giving constructive feedback to other students in the course about the works they featured in their blogs and their views on these works.

Final Project

In the final project you will be composing a blog post which demonstrate your understanding and synthesis of the key objective of this course: how the arts are a reflection of their times. You will also sum up your personal journey with the course content as a component for this project.

Questions Expected

Questions Expected Transcript (PDF)

Having questions about the course is natural. Please email your questions to: I will respond in 24 hours. If you see on Google chat that I’m online, you can quick send a message and see if I’m really at my computer.