Visual Arts During the Baroque Era

What is Baroque Art?

Growing Demand for Visual Arts

  • Catholic Church and Counter-Reformation Efforts
  • More sovereign rulers acquiring arts
  • Aristocrats patronized the arts
  • Growing merchant class patronized the arts

The Theatricality of the Arts — Tenebrism

  • Extreme contrasts of light and dark
  • Focus on dramatic subject matter
  • Virtuosity
  • Meticulously crafted realism
  • Still Lifes – see link below

Expansion of Artistic Subject Matter

  • Still Lifes
  • Genre Paintings
  • Portraits of Common People
  • Group Portraits or Corporation Paintings

Italian and Spanish artists

Dutch Artists

French Artists

George La Tour

Claude Lorrain

Artists in Flanders

Peter Paul Rubens

Still Life Painting

Baroque still life painting – it isn’t just about flowers and fruit!?!?!?

Mexican Baroque Art

Illusion Ceilings


When you look at this, you need to realize that there is not dome on this building.

Ceiling Detail

Jesuit Church Vienna - Fresco by Andrea Pozzo
Jesuit Church Vienna – Fresco by Andrea Pozzo