Online Reading and Listening for Artist and Society Assignment


Here are links to very contemporary art – take a look and see what artists are doing right now.   You will need to talk about one or more  of these if you select the the first essay choice for Written Assignment #1

A collection of 2013 installation art.

virtualchoirEric Whitacre – composer/director of

Lux Aurumque – Virtual Choir
Go here for a discussion: Whitacre Ted Talks

Blue-Man-GroupeClick on the video for Blue Man Group.



Read an online article about Cloaca an unusual conceptual artwork

Optional video for the unusual conceptual art – Cloaca – note this may be disturbing. Cloaca – on EuroTrash TV

Read and listen to Michael Lin   – and installation visual artist:   See a video on his exhibit in Prato, Italy (yes it is in Italian, but just let the words wash over you and you’ll find you understand a great deal).


Okay go – Needing and Getting

img_fbf80b348d9475891cd0c6cbc309ffc00f70be09Floating Self Photographs


alyssa-monk14Alyssa Monk – Photorealism