Objectives: Italian and Northern Renaissance

Examine the forces behind Italian Renaissance:

  • The Medici family
  • Humanism
  • The leading artists of the Italian Renaissance
  • New techniques employed in creating perspective
  • The composers that transformed music in the Renaissance
  • New techniques in sacred music composition
  • The re-invention of Rome
  • Mannerist style in painting, sculpture and architecture
  • Understand the basics of Comedia Dell’Arte

Discover how the Renaissance manifested itself in Northern Europe:

  • How the Protestant Reformation effected the arts
  • The leading painters of the Northern Renaissance
  • The role of the Hapsburg patronage
  • Painting techniques
  • The uses of secular music during this time
  • The innovations in theater

Present a researched analysis of a work of art in your blog, which connects one of the major influences during the Renaissance to the chosen work.

Describe in your blog your personal reaction to typical traits from the Renaissance found in the chosen work.



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